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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do we need to book an advance reservation for our individual friends or family?

No, reservations are not necessary. We choose to offer our guests the greatest flexibility to plan a day or evening of fun. Tickets are on-sale each morning, if you are sure you wish to ride with us on a particular departure time, ask our ticket agents to kindly sell you an advance ticket for later in the day or evening, otherwise stroll over to our dock when you are ready to cruise. On beautiful sunny days we offer additional non-scheduled tours, so there are an abundance of great seats available almost any time of the day or evening. We do advise you to buy your Fireworks Cruise tickets early in the day, as they are very popular. Also Wacky Pirate Cruise reservations are accepted and recommended. Canine Cruise tickets are on-sale at 8:30am Sundays.

Do you serve Food and Drinks on the boat?

No, although you are welcome to bring along your own in non-breakable containers. Our neighborhood offers convenience to Billy Goat Tavern, Potbelly's, Houlihan's, Chipotle, Corner Bakery, and Subway and O’Brien’s Riverwalk Cafe. For additional dining options choose any from any Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants Visit for locations.

What do you see on the cruise?

This guided city tour highlights Chicago's skyline with an extensive commentary on architectural, historical, and maritime points of interest. Our guides will show you all of Chicago’s downtown skyscrapers and describe many fascinating details about each building or landmark. Click here to view our tour map!

Does the cruise go through the Chicago River Lock?

YES, All of our tours pass through the Chicago River Lock System. Our guide/narrator gives a full explaination about the operation of the lock. Feel the boat rise as you enter Lake Michigan and lower and you return to the River.

Do tours still depart when raining?

Yes. Our cruises depart rain or shine. We have open and covered seating on board. Check with a Mercury Ticket Representative during uncertain weather conditions at 312.332.1366. May and September are our slower months, please give us a call for our scheduled times 312-332-1368

Are there restrooms on the boat?

Yes, of course. There are Men and Woman "Heads" located on board, and one lined with newspapers for your dog on Sunday’s Canine Cruise.

Are the boats safe?

Definitely, our vessels are inspected and certified by the United States Coast Guard, the State of Illinois, and the City of Chicago each year. Also, our crew is licensed by the USCG and undergoes an extensive training program. We carry 100% Adult and 100% Child life preservers, but you will only need them in the unlikely event of an emergency.

What if I have a group of 10 or more ?

We would love to offer a group discount to you if you would like to reserve in advance. Please give us a call, we will answer the phone! Please Call 312-332-1368 or

When do you start boarding?

Boarding begins 30 - 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Choose any seat, all offer a great view!

What if the Canine Cruise is sold out when I arrive?

If you arrive by 8:30 – 9:00am on the Sunday of your choice, you will be guaranteed a ticket. For groups of 10 or more call us in advance: 312-332-1368

Do you sell anything on board the boats?

No we do not offer any items for sale on our boats. You are welcome to bring a picnic basket or fast food and beverages with you to enjoy during your cruise. No glass please.

What about children and babies?

Children 3 and under are always welcome at no charge. Folded Strollers may be brought on board. Children’s rates avalable for kids 3-12 years old.

Are there any elevators down to the river?

At this time the Riverwalk does not offer any elevators. For those who need ADA ramps, you may access the Riverwalk via the ADA ramp at State Street and Wacker Drive within the Vietnam Memorial Park. Or if you are able to walk, there is a ramp adjacent to Wacker Drive and Wabash Ave. If you follow the signs to O’Brien’s Riverwalk Cafe, you will find the ramp. Then simply follow the Riverwalk to the East under the bridge. Our Ticket Office is marked with a Blue Awning. Our stairway offers handrails, and shade from the sun. For guests needing special vehicular drop-off assistance Click here for Mobility Assistance directions.

Where is the closest parking?

Systems Parking at 111 E. Wacker Dr. Just 1 driveway east of Michigan Ave, next to the Fanny May candy store. Then look for our blue awning across the street marking the entrance to Riverside Gardens/ and Chicago’s Riverwalk at the South East corner of the Michigan Avenue Bridge. Systems Parking Illinois Center Garage 111 E. Wacker Dr. Chicago IL 60601 312-819-5051 Visit for more information

What else is there to see in your area?

We are located on Michigan Avenue just 3 blocks North of Millennium Park. Visit or

Is it true your boat was featured in the 2006 film "The Break Up"?

Yes! It is true. We have worked on many film projects including "The Break Up" staring Vince Vaughn. Be sure to check it out! Our boat is also featured in additional scenes within the DVD extras.